There are precise moments and certain objects that are not measured by the exact logic of the metric. It happens sometimes with those trips that last exactly 11 songs or, maybe, two movies. You are in the seat until, suddenly, you realize that you do not mind getting there, you simply wait for one more melody or new sequence.

Things matter or not according to our feelings and we can see it everyday. Sometimes happen with inaccessible and desired objects but also with daily life little pleasures: that cup of coffee, the pen always blue, the white shirt you bought in that exactly place.

And if we, as a conscious brand, had to materialize an object what is an inexplicable treasure or, perhaps, an amulet, we would say without any doubt the handwoven handbags.

But they’re “just bags”, many will say.

And yes, it is true, they are just simple handmade bags that in Kenya are called Kiondos.

Traditional handbags made of 100% sisal fiber and genuine leather handle. Not so long ago, Kenyan mothers carefully wove these bags as a gift for their daughters on their wedding day. That is why for us those bags represent and transmit everything that we love and we defend. In some way those bags defines us as brand because they are not just bags, they are much more.

Handwoven bags: artisan product with african soul

Our sisal bags are handmade products, carefully crafted by hand in Nairobi with sisal fiber and leather handle, 100% plastic-free.

Our bags are perfect for the good weather and are designed to last many (many) years. They are the opposite to that cold and famous expression known as ’fast fashion’, because there is nothing “quick” in them.

To create them, the sisal fiber bags need time, they need calm and, above all, they need people who love coffee slowly, long afternoons and the work well done.

And we are very happy to host them in our house, but also yours.